My Dunn Family Story  

                                    By Floyd Dunn 2007         




Your curiosity probably led you to my Dunn family web site for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you are a descendant of a Dunn family that immigrated to the American colonies during the very early years of our country.  If so, then you could possibly be a descendant of my seventh great grandfather, "James Dunn."  James Dunn entered the American Colonies during the late 1600's. There are probably hundreds of people living today that are direct descendants of James Dunn.

 My Dunn family story may be of especial interest to you if you are of Scotch-Irish descent. The story begins with a quick look at how the event of the Reformation created an opportunity for northern European societies to develop into a more modern way of life.  I then describe my family heritage starting from the very early years when thousands of Scottish families lived in the low lands of Scotland.  Their high hopes for a new life in Northern Ireland provides the basic progressive nature of the Scotch Irish, for which they have become famous for. 

Their search, at a later date, for a new life in the American Colonies during the late 1600's continued to demonstrate their optimism and ambition upon leaving a troubled Northern Ireland.

The major portion of my Dunn family story describes the trials and tribulations in the lives of my Dunn ancestors from the late 1600's down to the present days of our country.  My story includes many of the historical events that took place in our country that affected my ancestor's lives and their search for what we today call "the American dream."  The story of my Dunn family ends with recent history and some of my own experiences that bring the reader into our new millennium.

This historical story represents the thousands of  American families of the past that eventually made their way across our lands into the western territories. 

Floyd Dunn, 2007

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